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Our mission is to help creation of diverse lifestyle through travel.

Our Story

Explore different

We aim for a diverse society in which different individuals are respected. EXPLORE DIFFERENT. Thinking of differences and exploring all differences are the calling for these times and it is also BED RADIO brand’s philosophy 

Back in 2017, I was traveling back and forth Jeju for work. I didn’t have many options to pick a good hotel since my budget was short so I used to stay at $60 ish Hotel/hostel. Everytime I book a hotel, one thing came across my mind. ‘Is there any place to have fun with strangers grabbing a beer and sleep tight?’ and actually there was no place like that. Also, each hotel/hostel gave me something unhappy feelings in many ways.

The population of solo travelers has been  increasing year by year as well as domestic travel industry and each city has its own attractions. While the older generation tends to go on a vacation in holiday season, the younger generation, which called Millennials go somewhere anytime they want. They experience all differences through travel and  it is the key for them to moving ahead. Traveling is a part of their daily life.   

BED RADIO offers new travel experiences for Millennials with its affordable suites and eventually would like to help creation of diverse lifestyle their own way through exploring this planet  

May 2018 in Jeju, two young founder decided to make a life-long brand. Hostel for Millennials, Explores over all limits, BED RADIO has begun  

& awards

03.2019   open BED RADIO DONGMOON 
12.2018   Investment: Seed money:  Jeju CCEI
08.2019   Crowd funding, 727USD (loan type)
02.2019   Crowd funding, 9,418 USD(reward type)
05.2018   found BED RADIO

  • 2019 Pre-TIPS (77,273 USD / Support Fund)
  • 2019 Pre-tour venture (36,364 USD / Not allow duplicate)
  • 2018 City Regeneration Start-up Challenge (90,909 USD / Support Fund)
  • 3rd prize from D.day of October(D.camp accelerator)



    ‘수리수리’ 낡은 여관이 재밌는 호스텔로

    2019년 11월 23일

    베드라디오 호스텔 1호점 론칭, 천변만화하는 제주 산지천의 풍경을 담다

    2019년 04월 10일

    제주창조경제혁신센터, 시드머니 투자대상으로 베드라디오 선정

    2019년 01월 28일





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